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"Dr. Yi Ding has been of immeasurable help to my family. He was instrumental in helping my son recover from Crohn's Disease, and he has helped me recover from cystitis. I will never be able to thank Dr. Yi Ding enough for his treatment which succeeded in treating two very stubborn conditions. He is an extraordinary practitioner and we are very fortunate to have him with us in Montreal."


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The treatment fee can be reimbursed under categories of acupuncture, massage therapy and naturopathy from private or group insurance plan.

Direct billing available for CSST and SAAQ accident claims.

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Nutritional therapy and naturopathy

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The human body is a complex organism with the capacity to heal itself, if only you feed it with proper nourishment and care. Good nutrition is first step towards effective healing and optimal wellness. In traditional Chinese medicine, food is medicine. Different properties of foods have different therapeutic effects. If you ever visited a practitioner of TCM, you might be recommended foods and supplements.

How we can successfully help you with nutritional healing

At A1 Chinese clinic, we focus on healing with proper nutrition by the integration of modern nutritional therapy into the practice of traditional Chinese medicine. Conventional nutritionists verifies your diet in terms of calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vegetables and fibers, vitamins and minerals, while our expert focus on more on therapeutic properties of foods and supplements. Over past decade, a number of studies have been done to understand the link between nutrition and disease. The expert at A1 Clinique Chinoise is constantly updating new information on the effects of nutrition on various diseases, and apply new knowledge to his clinical practice. Each person is unique, and has own genetic code, growing environment, eating habits and life stress. We will work together to develop a personalized plan for your health state.

What makes us unique is treatment-oriented consultation and effective healing. Yi Ding Yuan, a certified naturopathic practitioner from Corporation des practiciens en Médecines Douces du Québec, focuses on the discovering the cause and fixing it. Unlike many naturopathic practitioners, he keeps consultation in 1 hour and avoids any non-related questions, since lengthy consultation leads to unnecessary high professional fees. Moreover, he recommends nutritional supplement based on scientific evidence and traditional Chinese medicine. For example, liver detox is common practice in conventional naturopathy, but it is frequently inappropriate for some of patients according to TCM.

FAQ on Nutrition and Naturopathy