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"Dr. Yi Ding has been of immeasurable help to my family. He was instrumental in helping my son recover from Crohn's Disease, and he has helped me recover from cystitis. I will never be able to thank Dr. Yi Ding enough for his treatment which succeeded in treating two very stubborn conditions. He is an extraordinary practitioner and we are very fortunate to have him with us in Montreal."


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Cancer management

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Cancer is newly diagnosed every 75 seconds, and kills one person every minute in the U.S. The news of having cancer is both frightening and shocking to an individual and his or her family, since most of cancers are life-threatening and not curable. Cancer is so widespread that everyone knows a family member or a friend who has or had cancer. The possible contributing factors are environmental chemical toxins, radiation exposure, certain genetic modified foods, genetic factors, etc. According to World Health Organization, five major risk factors are Tabaco use, excessive alcohol intake, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and chronic infections. However, it is not fully understood how these contributing and risk factors cause or trigger proliferation of cancerous cells. The most common sites of cancer causing death are lung, liver, colorectal, stomach and breast. The 5-year cancer survival rate is 67%.

Current Cancer management

Current management strategies of patients with cancer are two folds: first, to cure the disease and prolong the life; second, to improve the patient's quality of life. The goals are achieved by medical treatments including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and preventive strategies including early detection and screen tests, management of risk factors and improvement of lifestyle (nutrition, exercise, emotional well-being, etc. A cancer patient is going through huge distress after diagnosis of cancer, and needs medical, alternative medical, psychological and palliative supports. This is why integrative oncology is gaining population in the U.S.

How we can successfully help you

Since the causes of cancer are so complex, conventional medicine is inadequate and incomplete. Integrative medicine has drawn a lot of public attention in developed countries over the past 20 years. It combines conventional medicine with alternative therapies to achieve best treatment results. It is especially popular in the field of oncology, while many patients are fighting cancers for their life. Since 1956, Chinese universities of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) have done numerous studies on the effects of Chinese herbs and acupuncture on cancers and tumors. These studies demonstrated that TCM may help patients as follows:

At A1 Clinique Chinoise, we work closely with your medical team to win the war against cancer. We should see you and get your complete health information as soon as you get news from your specialist. Possible risk and contributing factors should be discovered and addressed. Although it is often difficult to know contributing factors, it is wise to take necessary steps to have healthy lifestyle and improve general health. In China, it is routine for a cancer patient to visit a doctor of TCM for treatment and prevention of cancers. Why not for Canadians and Americans? We are here to help you.

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