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"Dr. Yi Ding has been of immeasurable help to my family. He was instrumental in helping my son recover from Crohn's Disease, and he has helped me recover from cystitis. I will never be able to thank Dr. Yi Ding enough for his treatment which succeeded in treating two very stubborn conditions. He is an extraordinary practitioner and we are very fortunate to have him with us in Montreal."


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Infertility, as name indicated, is the failure to conceive after one year or more of regular sexual activity or to carry a pregnancy to term. For a woman over 35, you have fertility issue if you don't get pregnant after 6 months of unproteted sex. It is estimated that 20% of couples have difficulty to have a baby, and the number is increasing with age. The exact causes of infertility are not fully clear. For women, ovulatory failure, fallopian tube blockage and abnormal hormone level are most common medical reasons, while for men, low sperm count, slow motility and abnormal sperm morphology are major pathological changes causing male infertility. What causes these pathological changes is not fully understood. Age is a factor. Clinically we do observe a trend that the couples trying to conceive are older than last generation. Other factors include stress, overweight, medical conditions, poor nutrition, toxin exposure, long-term use of hormones or medications, unhealthy lifestyle, psychological issues and unidentified factors.

Options of Infertility treatments

A fertility specialist will form a thorough medical tests for both partners. There are 20% of chances that both partners need treatments. The treatments of infertility depend on your conditions. For female infertility, surgery like laparoscopy will be done to remove cyst(s) or unblock fallopian tube. Artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization will be recommended. For male infertility, surgery or hormonal treatment may be prescribed. However, these medical treatments don't always work.

How does acupuncture and Chinese medicine treat infertility?

When to get acupuncture and Chinese medicine for fertility?

Answer is as soon as possible. Both partners should see their fertility specialist and have blood tests and other examination done in order to determine the possible pathological changes. Meanwhile, you are recommended that you start acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine right away. It is common practice in China that a couple with infertility seeks acupuncture and herbal medicine to help them conceive. It is thousands of years of cumulative experience, which are proved by many modern studies.

How we successfully treat infertility

At A1 Clinique Chinoise, we have helped many couples get pregnant over the past 20 years, and we believe that infertility could be treatable with traditional Chinese medicine. Since either female or male abnormalities or both can contribute to infertility, a couple should have medical tests done in order to decide whom we will work with. After first consultation, patient will be presented a treatment plan including TCM treatment modalities and nutritional advice. Multiple treatment modalities including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and nutritional supplements are often recommended to reach treatment objectives.

It involves 2 different treatment plans.

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