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"Dr. Yi Ding has been of immeasurable help to my family. He was instrumental in helping my son recover from Crohn's Disease, and he has helped me recover from cystitis. I will never be able to thank Dr. Yi Ding enough for his treatment which succeeded in treating two very stubborn conditions. He is an extraordinary practitioner and we are very fortunate to have him with us in Montreal."


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The treatment fee can be reimbursed under categories of acupuncture, massage therapy and naturopathy from private or group insurance plan.

Direct billing available for CSST and SAAQ accident claims.

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Frequently asked questions

What should I expect during a Tuina session?

A Tuina practitioner will collect your medical information followed by a physical examination during your first office visit.. After that, patients will be instructed to undress and lie down on a treatment table. If it is not a general relaxation session, Tuina practitioner will work on specific zone of your body rather than whole body.  Some Tuina practitioners  cover your body with a towel and work on it, while others  use oils as a lubrication and perform Tuina directly on body. Since most of Tuina techniques are technically required to perform deeply, a patient may feel sore or pain during and after treatment, but the pressure of manipulation is always adjusted to patient's comfort. A session of Tuina treatment lasts about 30-60 minutes based on your condition.  

Is Tuina treatment safe

Yes. Anybody can receive Tuina treatment. In fact, Tuina had been widely used for pediatric problems before occidental medicine started in China.  Tuina is specially suitable for pregnant women  since Tuina massage can be practiced in any body position (sitting position, side-lying position, etc.)

How can you make me feel comfortable if I am a female patient

Tuina is created for treating healht issues. Unlike general massage therapy, Tuinal does not require a patient to undress completely. A Tuina practioner works on the area related to the issue rather than on whole body. Moreover, a tuina practitioner always covers working area with towel.

How much does it cost?

It is charged on the treatment time taken. Current fee (as of February 16, 2018) is $50 for first 30 minutes, $75 for 45 minutes and $90 for 1 hour. The fee is subject to change without prior notice. The cost adjustment is usually made every 2 years.

Is Tuina treatment covered by group or private insurance

Yes. Tuina manual therapy is covered under insurance category of massage therapy or of acupressure (acupuncture).